Button button, whose got the button!?

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For as long as I can remember my mom collected vintage buttons.  She had a giant jar of buttons, and when I say giant jar of buttons, I mean GIANT jar of buttons.  She would dump the buttons on the ground and we would look at all the different colors, shapes, and patterns.  Her collection grew over the years and jars of buttons accompanied the many antiques my mom and I would collect together.

My mom is still up to her button collecting shenanigans, and when Jen and I asked if she had any she’d be willing to part with so we could make them into unique magnets, she was more than happy to help.  To no surprise Mom gave us two giant bowls of buttons to go through, below is just one of the bowls.



I was instantly taken back to my childhood, going through all the buttons and finding the most unique, and getting excited if we could find a pair!  We had so much fun looking through all the little tiny works of art.  After sorting through hundreds of buttons we picked out a handful of our favorites, and put them into sets.



Our next step to making these into unique magnets, was to glue magnets onto the back.  Now as you know most buttons have holes, so we wanted to make sure the glue we used could be easily removed from the face of the button if needed.  We decided to use Gorilla Glue Clear Grip because it sticks to all sorts of surfaces and you can pull the rubbery excess off without losing any bond. 

After getting all the magnets put together we knew we wanted to put them into specific sets, but we weren’t sure on how we would accomplish that in a cute / sellable way.  We decided on a simple solution of card stock and cellophane bags, and we used Removable Glue Dots to attach them to the card stock.  Overall I think they turned out pretty darn cute!


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