What type of metal do you use for your products?

The majority of our jewelry uses alloy metal, however we only buy metal that is lead and nickel free, and mostly cadmium free as well.  All this means, our products are hypoallergenic and won't make your ears or neck itchy!


What are your beads made from?

The majority of our beads are natural gem stones, wood, or shell.


How did we come up with the name Hedge & Fox?

This is probably our most asked question, and our favorite to answer! When we started this venture in 2018, and we were getting ready to launch our blog, we went back and forth on names and Jen asked me (Katie), "Do you have a spirit animal?". I said, "I love hedge hogs, because they're cute but if you mess with them, they'll poke you!".  And Jen chose a fox because they're not either like a cat, or a dog, but kind of in between - they're unique, and Jen is very unique! And I always tell Jen she's the fox because of her beautiful red hair and because she's foxy!


Do you sell wholesale?

We absolutely do! If you're interested in purchasing items in bulk/wholesale you can e-mail us at: wholesale@hedgeandfox.com


Where else can I find your products?

Currently you can purchase products from our website, Terra Cottage Collective in Roseville, Terra Cottage Boutique in Folsom, and Get Bronzed Sunless Tanning in Auburn.


Which one of you makes jewelry and which one designs?

We do both! Thankfully Jen pushed me (Katie) into trying to make jewelry, and it was a success! Both of us enjoy the designing process and the making process, it's one of our favorite things to do together now.  We laugh hysterically and enjoy each other's company.  So know that our jewelry is made with a ton of love and laughter!


I have something specific in mind, can you make it for me?

We would be happy to work with you and potentially make something for you, just e-mail us: contact@hedgeandfox.com


Who else works with you?

It's just us.  Thankfully we have a very supportive family and loved ones who give us the time and space to make this dream of ours come true.


Do you have a question that isn't answered here? Please e-mail us with any questions you have and we'll get back to you ASAP.


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