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Hedge and Fox is a business run by women for women, and in doing that we want to make sure that we are doing our part to support other women.  We currently have two non-profits that we work with: Agape International Missions and The Surmeno Connection.  Check out the work these amazing groups do!

Agape International Missions

Human Trafficking has become a huge epidemic, not only in the US but in the world and as a women owned and operated business we feel passionate about doing our part to help end this tragic abuse. So here at Hedge and Fox we are really excited to announce that since 

September 1, 2020, 10% of all purchases have been donated to Agape International Missions (AIM).  We are so moved by the work this mission is doing that we had to be a part of it.  AIM was also founded right here in our own backyard of Roseville, CA and we couldn't be more proud!

If you're not familiar with AIM they work on defeating child sex trafficking through "...a holistic strategy that involves survivors, law enforcement and the community. Their programs PREVENT sex trafficking, and work to RESCUE, RESTORE and REINTEGRATE survivors of this horrible crime. Through this approach, AIM is committed to lifelong and community-wide transformation that is effective and lasting."


If you have time, please go visit their website and read about all the amazing things they are doing, and we couldn't be happier to have our business support their outreach.


The Surmeno Connection

The Surmeno Connection is an online resource and support group for women who are in Surgical Menopause due to surgery, radiation, chemotherapy or other medications.

The Surmeno Connection was started by "two women, from opposite sides of the country, who met when one of them began an online support group for surgical menopause.  They have both had surgeries that placed them into this hormone jungle known as surgical menopause, and they quickly realized there was little dedicated information available for women living with this condition. Recognizing this need, they compiled whatever relevant information they could find that was both accurate and helpful.  As they started answering questions on their online support group, they discovered other women were similarly struggling to feel less alone as well as find good information.  So, they put their heads together and designed a website where women, doctors, partners and spouses could come to find information and support would be a wonderful service for those not knowing where to turn."

Hedge and Fox releases a special collection for Surmeno every October, and for every item purchased in that collection, 50% goes directly to Surmeno. We love being able to make something beautiful to hopefully make you feel as beautiful as we see you.


Thank you for supporting Hedge and Fox so that we can continue to support these amazing non-profits.  And if you are a non-profit who wants to join forces with Hedge and Fox, send us an e-mail and let's see what we can come up with!