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IT’S DONE!!! THE CRAFT ROOM IS DONE!!!! Pardon the all caps but this has been quite the project and I’m so flippin’ happy that its complete!!! I’d like to take this moment to thank my Mom for financially assisting me in making my dreams come true, and my sister friend Christine for helping me organize and making my vision come to fruition… (yes..I feel like I’m accepting an award right now haha). Oh and I can’t forget my friend Craig for helping me put all the Ikea furniture together. So after a lot of hard work here it is folks…my craft room!


So first off you’ll see that I have way too much yarn…and I need to get to work on crocheting all the things, however, I think the yarn shelf is my favorite part of the room. It adds so much color and brings a fun bright vibe to the room. This is where my sister Christine’s organizational talents really came in handy! She took all the piles of yarns I had and made sense of it all somehow.

The next best thing…my giant craft table!!! I wanted something that was long and wide for when I need to cut fabric, or when I’m trying to plan out a large project, and I also wanted something that was higher than most work areas to make things easier on my back when cutting fabric. I ended up getting an oak kitchen island top from Ikea paired with their adjustable legs. The legs aren’t quite as sturdy as I would like but it gets the job done and overall I’m super happy with it.


And then there’s my chair! I saw this chair in Ikea (I promise I’m not sponsored by Ikea hahaha) and I thought it looked way too cute to be comfortable. Holy cow I was wrong! SOOOOOO comfy! It’s the perfect crocheting chair, and also perfect for my Mom to come over and hang out with me while I craft.


I also added a smaller shelf for my “office” supplies and electronics needed for our shop. Eventually I think I’ll add a tv on top so I can have F.R.I.E.N.D.S on whilst crafting, which is a must for me and Jen haha. I also added some caster wheels on the bottom to make it easy to move to plug items in if i needed to.


So that’s it folks! My craft room. I honestly never thought I’d actually be able to have one. It’s a dream come true for me! If you have any questions please feel free to contact me and I’ll be more than happy to answer them! Thank you for hanging in there for the journey!


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