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Well hello!  It has been quite a while since we’ve done a blog post so we’re here now to update you on our latest ongoings and whatnot :)

Recently on June 12th Jen and I were asked if we would like to be a part of a new store opening within the Roseville Galleria mall called Hazel Phoenix.  To say this was an answer to our prayers is an understatement!  Though we are still a fairly new company (we just had our two year anniversary) we are doing our best to continually grow and see our vision of this company be fulfilled.  We jumped on the opportunity after some prayer and discussion, and got straight to work preparing.  As we mentioned, it was June 12th when we were approached and we had until June 26th to get our space set up in the new location. Needless to say that did not leave us much time to get ready!

Between both of us working our “real/normal” full time jobs and myself (Katie) living further away from Jen now, it made this a tiny bit stressful (imagine nervous but excited laughter and us convincing ourselves we could do it - that was us for about 2 weeks straight). Nevertheless, we made a list, as this is how we start every mission, and got to work. 

Jen and her dad went to the new location and took measurements and pictures of our new space, and then we started sketching out ideas together via FaceTime.  On our next work night together we overtook a space in Jen’s office and made a blueprint of our plan. 















The next few days were long and exhausting but also exhilarating and fulfilling.  We had a new list of to-dos and it was not a short one!  It included: cutting wood bars, cutting wood display holders, nailing wood bars, designing/cutting acrylic signs, designing/cutting acrylic displays, sanding and staining all of the wood, painting our logo, oh and designing and making earrings haha!

Thankfully we have a couple of really handy men (Jen’s brother and father) who were able to help us with our wood cutting needs since we don’t quite yet have power tools. Even though we are strong independent business women, we sometimes still need a man and his power tools, and we are so thankful that both of them are so willing and happy to help us in our times of need.


Now with all of our wood cut, it was time to sand and stain!  I discovered a new love for staining during this process, I just found it so satisfying and relaxing. I said as much and Jen just chuckled and said, “Well good! You can do ALL the staining from now on since you find it so cathartic!” Now sanding on the other hand… not my jam, hard pass. I’ll let Jen handle that part. That’s what partnerships are for, right?! 

Soon we had all our wood work done for our display and it was on to painting our logo which we had made by EightyEight Wood Co.  While Jen got to work on painting, I got to work on cutting out our new designs on our Glowforge, putting them together, placing them on cards along with adding barcodes, and making sure our inventory count was correct.


After several long nights nights we did it… we finished it all and Jen and her parents went and installed it on a Saturday since I had to work.  I have to say our final set up turned out pretty good, don’t you think?


 We will be adding some more to our display in the near future, but you’ll have to go check those changes out for yourself if you’re local ;)

We are so excited to be a part of this awesome community of makers and artists, and so blessed that Hazel Phoenix has provided this opportunity for us and other makers in our community. Come check us out and the other talented artists inside the Roseville Galleria, on the second level across from Tilly’s!

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