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Hi there!! It’s me…the hedge….I also go by Katie but whatever :) . So one of my favorite things to do every year is crochet something for a good cause. My favorite is making beanies for babies!

Every year the American Heart Association (AHA) in conjunction with the Children’s Heart Foundation; run a “Little Hats, Big Hearts” campaign to bring awareness to congenital heart defects during the month of February (American Heart Month). The AHA asks for knitters and crocheters to make red beanies for newborn and preemies and then distribute the donations to hospitals around the country! How awesome is that???

I realize it’s August and not close to February, however just think of how many cute tiny red beanies you could make between now and then?!? Last year they received over 200,000 country wide, let’s make this year their biggest!

Check here for more information from the AHA such as deadlines, your local drop of locations, and even pattern links.

Another place to look for crochet donations is Crochet.org, there are a ton of charity organizations listed there who accept donations all year round.  Think of all that leftover yarn from projects you’ve finished that you just don’t know what to do with; you now have a solution! 

Don’t know how to crochet or knit? LOOM!!  I am definitely not a knitter, but looming is awesome, and anyone can loom! You can grab a set of looming rings at your local craft store or Amazon for just under $14. The instructions are usually pretty easy to follow and there’s a ton of YouTube videos out there as well. I’m also available for any questions you have about looming or crocheting (knitters I’m sorry!), by email or commenting below.


I hope this inspires you to get out your hooks, needles, and looms; or perhaps learn how!


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